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Anybody heard of ID Analytics? ID Reports?

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I have just started the credit repair journey and most everything I have uncovered is common enough. Well last week I was in a retail store and attempted to sign up for a rewards card (no credit..just points for shopping.) So I was denied and the letter got here yesterday...it said I was denied because because my identity could not be verfiied.


So I called the number listed and the cust service rep said that they get their info from IDA (ID Analytics) and gave me their number. I called and it was a messaging system that had prompts and told me how to request information. I googled the number and found the website: http://www.idanalytics.com/. The website says it does ID reports.


So on the site and on the phone it has the information to needed for me to request infromation they have in the system: http://www.idanalytics.com/solutions/consumer/consumer-assistance/. See below what you must send to verfiy identity.


So that we may verify your identity, please submit a written request for your personal information, along with the following:

  1. First name, last name, full address, date of birth, Social Security number, AND
  2. Two of the following forms of verification.
    1. A copy of a state-issued drivers license or state identification card.
    2. A copy of a "recent" cable, utility, or phone statement with an address matching the address provided in Step 1. "Recent" is defined as no more than 60 days old from the date of IDA, Inc's receipt of a written request.
    3. A copy of a SSN card.
    4. A copy of a birth certificate.
    5. A copy of a U.S. passport (picture page only).
    6. A copy of a voided consumer check with an address matching the address you provided in Step 1.
    7. A copy of an Alien Registration Card

Very strange to get this info becasue I have not had any issue with ID problems or identity theft. Plus I am very irritated/weirded out I have to send all this info to verfiy my ID for somthing I have no clue about. I didn' t have to do this much for the military.


Can anybody provide any insite on the company, ID reports, what may this is for, and what are the next steps?


Thanks in advance!!!

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So now you have to prove to some third party who you are in order to get a store to accept your cash.


I can think of a whole slew of 4-letter words that would come from my mouth if that should happen.


I assume this store has competitors. I would immediately be in there applying for THEIR card.

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Thanks for the response! I am not sure what the deal is with this company. I think they are just getting info form the CR because when I try to pull up the ID report, one of the verification questions that keeps coming up asks me to pick which last name I have used and none are correct. But it is a derivation of my name used on CR. I think I will just have to get all the old info removed from my CR and forget about them unless it comes up again. Thanks for the help!

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