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Ventura County Court Rules for MIL

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Ventura County Court rules for MIL: 




Motions shall be limited to those reasonably

necessary to resolve material evidentiary issues and

shall conform to the principles announced in Kelly

v. New West Federal Savings (1996) 49

Cal.App.4th 659. Motions and oppositions, if any,

shall be in writing not to exceed three (3) pages

each, including points and authorities. Each motion

shall be accompanied by a proposed order.

Opposing counsel who have not already done so

shall exchange motions at or immediately after

announcing ready at the trial call. Unless otherwise

ordered by the judge at trial call, motions and

oppositions are to be filed with the clerk in the

assigned trial department on the first day of trial.

Immediately after being notified by the court of the

time and place for the start of trial in a trailing case,

counsel who have not already done so shall meet

and confer telephonically as to which In Limine

motions are contested and shall promptly exchange

any written oppositions to another party’s motions.



1. Check in with the courtroom clerk. If you

are an attorney representing a client, provide three

(3) business cards and name of your client.

2. File trial briefs and motions in limine.

3. File witness list and statement of the case.

4. Arrange for payment of any jury fees and

reporter fees.

5. Pre-mark and exchange exhibits.

6. File request for jury instructions before the

plaintiff rests.

7. Lodge all original depositions with the

courtroom clerk on the first day of trial.

8. Sign jury stipulation.

9. All depositions, documents, exhibits and

other items lodged with the court must be removed

from the courtroom by counsel lodging same upon

conclusion of proceedings.

10. With regard to messages for counsel

during trial, calls to the courtroom should be limited

only to urgent messages. Counsel should arrange to

check in with their offices during breaks.


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