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First of all, Thank you for your time & attention!


Can someone help me by giving me an example or template for:

-Praecipe to Submit Preliminary Objections

-Preliminary Objections



I took out 3 non-federal student loans to help pay for my undergraduate degree.  

My dad is my co-signer on these loans.

I graduated then went to Asia to get my MBA with Syracuse.

Crossing languages & countries- the Plaintiff didn't acknowledge that I was in grad school therefore they did not defer my loans.

I have not mad any payment on these 3 loans.


I was served papers for a civil action law suit (the court of common pleas) for these 3 loans.

The promissory notes were not attached to the papers I was served.

I HAVE NOT received a 10 day notice of Default Judgement


My dad has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease shortly before I was served these papers.  

My two sisters are in college and my mom works.

I need to take care of my dad.

Summary judgement against me should be avoided if possible.


**I need help with the Preliminary Objections! I need to file ASAP because its past the 20 days**


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