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First request for admissions from PRA

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Here is what they sent to me a few days ago.


Initial heading I am being served with the 1st set of requests etc...... then


In responding to these requests, you may not give "lack of information" as a reason for failing to admit or deny. In such cases, you must specify that you made reasonable inquiry into the truth or falsehood of the matter but the information known or readily obtainable by you is insufficient to enable a response.


If good faith requires that an admission or denial be qualified in any way, please state this in your answer and give the specific reason for the qualification.

Failure to admit any  matter contained herein that is later proven to be true by the Plaintiff in court may result in you having to pay any fees incurred by the Plaintiff in proving said matter.


1. Admit that you are a resident of the county in which this suit was filed.

2. Admit that you currently reside, or have resided within the past 5 years at XXXXXX

3. Admit that you received mail, bills and correspondence at the same residence.

4. Admit that you maintain your own personal financial responsibilities.

5. Admit that you previously applied for a credit account with GE Capital Retail Bank.

6a. Admit that you were issued an account with GE Capital Retail bank

6b. Admit the account number was XXXXXX

7a. Admit that GE .....furnished regular monthly statements to you showing the current balance of the account.

7b. Admit that you never openly disputed any information contained in the statements.

8a. Admit that you used the account

8b. Admit that you actualy received the goods and services that were purchased using the account

9a. Admit that there is an outstanding balance on the account

9b. Admit that the outstanding balance on the account, as reflected i the last statement to you is XXXXXX



Thank you for any help that you can provide.




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