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Conflicting info on requirement of Notarized Discovery Responses in CA??

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I keep stumbling onto conflicting information regarding the requirement, or lack thereof, to have discovery answers notarized. I have found they don't need to be notarized, they only need to be verified. And I have found they do need to be notarized.

Which is it?! I have discovery that needs to be delivered and I'm not sure if I should have each portion (There are Special Rogs, Form Rogs, RFP, and RFA) notarized, one specific portion notarized, or none of it notarized but all of it verified???

AHHHHHH!!!! Please help, quickly!

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In Oregon discovery is pretty informal. Filing is not required and certified mail not required. You do need to include Certificate of Service for each document. I don't trust any bill collector attorney's and can't imagine they would play by the rules so I have always returned both the RFP and RFA documents CMRRR and filed with the Court if they will take them. According to our local rules filing with the Court is not required but can't hurt to have proof of filing on record. 


I have done the same thing on my Defendants request on Plaintiff for Production and Defendants request on Plaintiff for Admissions. I also personally went down to the Courthouse and got the filed time date stamp from the Clerk.  There was never any doubt that I complied. 


I don't know the California requirements but they should be in the California Rules for Civil Procedure. 


Hope that helps,



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A simple statement at the end of your responses should be good, no notarization needed.



I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct:


DATED: ___________ at xxxxxxxxxxx, CA

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