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collector is not validating, can I sue them?


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Debt is out of SOL.

On Nov.2012  I sent DV letter to collectors. They answered on February, 2013. They write: "After reviewig the information you provided, as well as our account notes, and information provided by the previous creditor, we are unable to determine the nature of your dispute, and consequently deny that our records are innacurate." ....

I disputed with credit bureaus. They say: There is this account ,... , please contact them direcly (didn't remove).

I called  and asked what documentation they have to prove this debt is mine. He said - I will look at your case and send papers in 30 days.

After 1 week I receive letter from them: " We undertsand you are claiming fraud or identity theft regarding the referenced account. Please send police report...(etc..)"..

I sent them answer, explained what I wanted from them, and if they don't answer with some proof I will sue them.


I think I made a mistake sending them DV letter directly. And disputing with credit bureaus after. Can I sue them anyways?

Thank you.






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@janette - I don't think you have any grounds to sue them over the timeliness of their response regarding.  


However, if you want to sue them based on the FCRA for reporting inaccurately (they are reporting and you don't think they have documentation), that might be an approach to take.  Therefore, your DV attempts would be irrelevant to a lawsuit based on the FCRA.  In other words, I don't think you messed up.  

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