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HSBC Card Services vs Citibank

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In response to my discovery requests, I received three Bill of Sales.


Two were duplicates titled "Bill of Sale and Assignment" between Citibank and Asset Acceptance dated June 30, 2010


The third was titled "Bill of Sale" and it is for HSBC Card Services (III) Inc, (f/k/a Household Card Services Inc.) as Seller and Asset as "purchaser". This one is pursuant to terms and conditions of the Recivables Purchase agreement dated October 14, 2010 and executed Jan 25th of 2011.


Assett is supposedly the first assignee of Citibank in my case. Is HSBC Card Services a subsidieary of Citibank or are they not related? I'm just confused as to who/what HSBC Card Services is.


I only received one attachment titled "Schedule A" - Client Citibank w/a bunch of XXXX's and then my acct #, name and balance which looks like a basic excel spreadsheet anybody could make. It was printed 3/29/2013


They did not specify if this goes w/the Citibank Assignment or the HSBC Card services assignment.


Thanks for any help!

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The original alleged debt was with Citibank. I believe it was just sloppy of them too. They have some standard Bill of Sales on file and they just threw a couple in with my ppwk maybe?


I just wanted to be sure before I proceeded. Have never used/heard of or had any dealings w/HSBC prior to this.


Thanks for the responses!

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I think they just threw a monkey wrench in their own works. This creates great doubt as to who the original owner was because they do not even have a clue by providing all three documents. It clouds title and with clouded title, they have no case.

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