Update, Order to ReOpen after dismiss without prejudice, Sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates

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Update after Trial

Judgement in favor of plantiff for 4800

judge looked at MIL and excepted all the exibits to build a foundation. allowed new witness to testify and found the witness creditable and comply with business practices and the other stuff. This witness was new and I objected to it but because he was not in the discloser. Judge then wanted me to either move forward with it or move trial out to a new date, but he instisted on continuance and I did. Judge then scolded me that I ran up the debt and is mine, I did admit to opening up the account. Told me a story about a long time ago business would go out and people would still have to owe them. Right from the start I knew I was hosed. Going to appeal now. I objected to everything based on hearsay and judge just allowed all the evidence based on foundation and witness has verified business practices and all. Objection to all documents and witness but once he accepted the Bill of sale then the rest he just accepted to. Need help with appeals now.

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