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Filed answer now there's a CMC scheduled, California

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you will File a Case Management Statement.

California Rule of Court 3.725




Judge will ask a few questions to you both to see if you’ve tried to settle.

The judge may send you both to Alternative Dispute Resolution to see if something can be worked out between the parties.

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My CMC was a shock I was so pissed after , it varies by county but depending on where you are . Mine was very simple it was the same day as my trial , read your court rules I was asked to fill CMC paperwork . They ask for your current status , monthly bills your assets (car, house if any).

I had my paperwork ready but I did not turn in , I told them I was ready for trial not interested in settling . My motion had been received by plaintiff .Also I did not feel they needed or had the right to see this stuff until I lost my case .

Just be ready if you are at the end of your case , if you have not done discovery yet. Make that your point to the judge or mediator that discovery is still ongoing . The plaintiff has yet to prove they own your account right ?

If not ask for strict proof of it , and then make them spend money trying to get you proof send request for documents , admissions etc.

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