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I sent the attorneys a letter from Chase that states I am not responsible for this account and gives a number to contact them . Next week there is a case conference , its about 160 miles away for me and about 200 for the attorney . we both stated on the reply that we would participate by phone . I have since found out its a $100 fee to do this and I dont want to pay this or drive all that way . The attorney called last week to ask if I would sign a form to put back this date so they could verify the letter . I said no as they have had it weeks and I think they have had enough time. Also they sent me a letter that requested the court to award them the case by default as they stated I had been unresponsive . How come if I have a court filed copy of my answer. And one more thing I was thinking of calling the court on case conference date and telling them I have broken down on the free way . Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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