Medical Collection, not yet reporting, pay to CA?

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Just received a call from State Collection Service Inc regarding a medical debt. The debt is a result of an insurance complication (my insurance rejected the original claim because I had not yet submitted the form that states that I do not have any other insurance. They were supposed to reprocess the claim once I submitted the appropriate paperwork. I was waiting for an updated bill from the OC but instead I got the collections call). So not sure if that matters, but technically the debt is mine and it's minor (under $100) and I have no issue paying it off, but I want to make sure that I'm not being naive and screwing myself over.


The collector said that her company does not report to the CRAs until the account has been with them for more than 60 days (and mine has only been there for a few days), so if I pay right away I will avoid any issues with my report. I asked her if she could provide that policy promise in writing and she said that they do not have it in writing, but that all calls are recorded (great, how does that help me?) and that her company is very reputable and she would not risk her job or the company's reputation by telling me something that is not true. Now this all sounds like balogna to me but I don't want this to drag out any longer than it has to and I certainly don't want any damage to my CR.


So my questions are:

1. Should I try to contact the OC and see if I can get the account pulled back from collections given the insurance situation (is that even possible?), or should I just pay the CA right away?


2. Is the 60 day policy real? Should I press to get it in writing before I pay?


Thank you in advance!


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No way to know if their policy is real or if they are just trying to get money out of you.  


NEVER EVER pay a CA unless there is no other option.  I would simply send the payment to the OC with a letter explaining the insurance issue.  If it does appear on your CR at any point you can dispute it off with an insurance payment dispute, HIPAA, or invalid debt.


If the OC is aware that insurance is re-processing the claim they might wait for that payment.  

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Don't pay this!!


If your insurance owes it, make them pay.  If its under $100 for you, its probably only $3 for them!  Call them, explain to them that this is effecting your credit and to get it handled!  Its one thing if there is a dispute, but if they said they pay it, make them!


If you do pay, pay the original office/provider.  Then send your bill to your insurance company for a reimbursement.

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