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Can a Consent Decree be cited as case law?

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I found a State AG's case regarding deceptive trade practices which I'm charging my CA with (of course they are fighting it). I found a case which I think will help mine but it's called a 'consent decree'. I'm not sure what that means. Can I use it to help my case as case law?


I'm in ARB.




As always, no comment will be construed as legal advice, just personal opinion :)


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This is an agreement between two parties that is sanctioned by the court.

A consent decree is a settlement that is contained in a court order. The court orders injunctive relief against the defendant and agrees to maintain jurisdiction over the case to ensure that the settlement is followed. (Injunctive relief is a remedy imposed by a court in which a party is instructed to do or not do something. Failure to obey the order may lead the court to find the party in Contempt and to impose other penalties.) Plaintiffs in lawsuits generally prefer consent decrees because they have the power of the court behind the agreements; defendants who wish to avoid publicity also tend to prefer such agreements because they limit the exposure of damaging details.

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