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Sent DV to Unifund recieved generic letter back 2 days later

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I'm new here and have been trying to wade through the incredible amount of information that you guys have posted but I am pretty green with all this. 


I sent a DV letter to Unifund for a citibank account they are trying to collect on. They send back a letter 2 days later. 


The letter goes: 


The account was opened on 01/11/2007 and has been accruing interest since it was charged off on 10/22/2010. The account has a original balance of 5k, and it's current balance is 10k. 


The total amount due in order to satisfy this account is 10k. Payments should be made to such and such address. 



In researching this website it seems to me they didn't really validate the debt with the documents that you say they need to provide. 


I am not sure of my next step? I also am not sure about SOL. The account was in Ohio but I now live in California. 


Any help is greatly appreciated. 


Thanks for your time. 

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The law only requires very little.  Enough information to identify the debt specifically is just about all they need to provide, though technically they are supposed to research it and see if it is correct.  But typically these days, at best they have a "send validation" button to press on the screen, or worse, it is just done automatically.

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