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NCO & Chase Bank

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Hello All,


Helping my sister with this......


Received debt letter (Settlement offer) from NCO regarding $19,000.00 CC Debt from Chase... Acct opened 2008 / Last Pymt. 2011

My sister loves to shop....


Not sure who still owns the debt...   Chase or NCO  "Delaware"

Had her call chase today , once acct. # was entered, it went to a recording "NCO" is now Managing the Acct...

Pulled Her Credit report , Chase is Listed as a Charge Off...


I want to send a debt validation letter , concerned NCO will turn acct back over to chase , Chase (OC) sues Her....


I've had this happen before with Target Bank , Wife's acct.... Same exact scenario..... Sent DV Letter , cost me $3500.00  (Settlement)

In reading my own writing, I have a good idea as to the Answer, would like a 2nd or 3rd opinion...


I'm no stranger to this forum , It's the best on the planet for these types of Question's


Thanks in advance

Not Going Down

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If Chase is not reporting the account as sold or transferred, Chase still owns it.  Just to be sure though, also check to see if Chase is still updating each month.  If they're updating, that's another sign that they still own it.

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are you guys sure?  Kaplan and asso. sued my aunt on behalf of NCO as the plaintiff for an hsbc account. so I don't know.


I believe NCO collects for creditors as well as purchases debts.

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After doing some research , you are correct .....

There are several NCO Divisions


Some Sub Contract collections , Some Purchase Debt .......


NCO Financial Systems Inc.  is who were dealing with.....


Thanks everyone for the replies and advice

Not Going Down

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