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MSJ Machol & Johannes

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Got a msj from Machol & Johannes.

I understand I need to denied their claim because I lost my 1st MSJ by not denied their claim saying I owned them money.

This time, this guy doesn't even have Bill of sales and statements.  Only have affidavit from the custodian of record from the JDB, not even from Chase.

Wondering anyone can point me to the right direct to deny their claim?

BTW, I am from WA and this case is in Superior Court.



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I went up against these guys in Colorado and they never produced a statement.  Without a statement, there's no claim under account stated.  Use the great links here to oppose the MSJ and make sure that you point out that user the rule of law for account stated, that without evidence of the existence of the account that there can be no relief under account stated.  I'm sure there is WA case law to support both elements required for account stated and rulings to support your opposition.

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