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Collection Company sent AUD to CB. HOW LONG TO UPDATE

Guest morcredit

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Guest morcredit

I am a real estate Broker, and I have removed over 5000 items for my clients who are looking to purchase a house in NYC.


I found this great forum, and I think this would help me to help more clients in my office.


With that in mind, I am still not sure about timing of things.


I have a mortgage to close, and I am awaiting for a Calvery collection (which was paid) to be deleted from CB so the score changes and enable me to close my deal.


The Collection company told me that AUD (Automated Universal Dataform) was sent out on 7/11/13. I would like to know how long does it take for the creditors to update credit once they receive that AUD.

Is AUD a paper they mail out or is it a electronic request which goes into Que and await for the company to update credit?


I really need this to work in 10 days, so i can close her mortgage.


Any other suggestion, maybe calling the CB and faxing a copy to them myself? Her credit for ex is 602  EQ is 610 and TU is 690.


I am sure you can tell her TU is clean except one judgment.


Thanks all.


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