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Negative trade lines deleted - how soon should credit score increase?


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I am happy to report that after 1st round of dispute of inaccurate information on my credit report each bureau  deleted 2-4 negative trade lines. How soon should I see my score change?  I have a free credit karma account have showed me the same credit score since I've setup the account with them.  who not updating the score?  Credit karma or Credit bureau?



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Just A Tip:


If you know information has been removed from your credit reports and you want them updated quickly the best thing to do is contact the bureaus (by phone) and tell them which accounts were or should be deleted.


They will call the creditors / collectors and validate (so make sure 100% that they have agreed to delete).


Do NOT discuss any other accounts that may be pending. Just tell them you want to discuss the accounts you called about.


It is possible to get them updated if not the same day then by the next.


The same applies if your credit is good and you want your score updated because you paid off credit card balances and are about to apply for a mortgage or car loan.


You can do the foregoing and get the score updated quicker.




S. Louis Blisko

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@ Admin


its not disputing but DELETION abt Chargeoffs that matter? Disputes have been verified by CA & OC over & over again even after being out of SOL!!!!!!!!!

any suggestions?

@energizer - I would definitely try an intent to sue letter.  You might want to read this case: 


See US Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, No. 00-15946, Nelson vs. Chase Manhattan for precedent. 

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