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Summoned to Court by The Judge

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I live in GA and In 2009, I was sued by Capital One for a credit card debt.  Using the information on this site, I filed my response denying the charges and sent interrogatories and request for admissions documents  to the court and the law firm handling the suit and never heard anything else on the matter.  Fast forward a couple of months ago and I get a court date set by the State Court of GA to appear regarding the case and the date is coming up next week. 


I called the County Clerk's Office and was told by the County Clerk herself that the Judge is bringing both parties into to court to find out what the status is on the case since its been three years and nothing has happened. 


Should I retain a lawyer to appear with me?  Has anyone else been through a similar process?  Any suggestions on how I should handle things in court if I decide not to retain an attorney?



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