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Auto Loan Reporting Wrong Amounts?

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My auto loan is in good standing but they are reporting the amounts incorrectly and showing we owe way too much.  This has been going on for a long time but the company is very hard to work with... 

Anybody have advice on making them report the correct amounts? 


Thank You


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As always correcting what they report is sometimes hard and you need patience and willing to sue them, since they know 99.99% of consumers either don't know the law or will not push that hard, they normally just care if they see an invitation to court, or enough paper trial that they will presume the next step is an invitation to court.


What is your option, as always write a dispute with the 3 CRA, then send it cmrr, attach any documentation you got to support your claim. It will be just coded into a 2 digit, and send to the provider of the info, they will not get your full dispute just a 2 digit code. More than likely they will verify the entry, they just click a button. Then you need to demand a reinvestigation and move the lender to send you the method of verification, and send them whatever you got that verifies your claim. Wait 30-40 days if the don't respond try to apply for credit knowing you'll get denied cause of these, then if they don't correct it sue them.

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If the loan is "active" meaning you are still paying on it then it is unlikely to be removed so ....


1) Take your most recent statement showing the outstanding balance. Contact the bureaus by phone and get a fax # to send a copy of the statement to.


Done Deal. they will update quickly.


Just be sure this is what you want.




S. Louis Blisko

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