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Mandatory Mediation Tomorrow, Any Advice???

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Here is my original post, but since this is slightly off topic, hoping to get a general idea of what I should say tomorrow during mediation.



JDB will be participating by telephone. If anyone has sat through a mediation, please let me know what you said and how it went. I don't want to "reveal" all of my cards that I am planning on using, still working on providing disclosure statement, answering requests for admissions, and interrogatories. So as of now, the JDB hasn't received these. So, should I just sit there and say, "They haven't proven standing on this debt" or should I fully participate and offer them $10, and go up by increments of $1 until I reach $25 or what? I mean,  I am totally down for settling for $25 :)


Thank you!!



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Hi , Sorry I posted to this in your other post as I followed the thread so go check that out so I don't have to do over.LOL

Bottom line after you read my post is that you won't settle . They have upped the ante when they paid $93.00 to sue you 500.00 at least in aaty fees plus interest accruing on debt. So I know it's tough but stay the fight and recoup in the end. So read my post in your other thread

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