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Hello. My wife is being sued by Calvary SPV I, LLC and just lost on a motion for summary judgement due to not responding because she received a Motion of Dismissal from the Administrative Judge, but now has been notified that the Plaintiffs request to extend time was approved by the case Judge.  We have filed both a Motion to Vacate the Summary Judgement as well as an appeal, just in case.  What I am in need of is assistance on putting together an acceptable format for an Arizona Superior Court Appellant Memorandum.  Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated!! 

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Sounds to me like someone needs to hit the federal courts, based on several things.  Fair Credit.Reportimg Act and Bankru[ptcy are federal laws, not state.  then there's the way they're admitting or not sadmittoing evidence in AZ, which could be a violation of the equal protection under the law clause of the consitution.  And probably 3 or 4 other federal grounds.



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