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When Is It To Late To Elect For Arbitration


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That depends on your state laws, and local court.


And it also depends on what a specific agreement states.


In my court I was able to motion to compel after a date had been set for a judgement hearing.


But in FL you need to practically do it before you are sued.... no not really that bad but

it needs to be done very early in proceedings.

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In Michigan, the rules of civil procedure under Summary Disposition state that the existance of 'an agreement to arbitrate' is a viable defense.

Logically, arbitration is electable up to, and in an Opposition to Summary Disposition.

MCR 2.116 Summary Disposition©(7)

Also see MCR 2.116 (D) (2) Time to Raise Defenses and Objections


That is what the rule says ........ expect the plaintiff to squack

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