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Paid as agreed car loan does not appear on credit report


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I can't seem to find this anywhere.  I filed for bankruptcy in 10/09, and, depending on CRA, credit score is in the 650-690 range.  My problem:  My car loan has been "paid as agreed" the entire time, and doesn't appear on my credit report that way.  It shows as first delinquency 11/09, even though I continued making payments, never missed one, and reaffirmed the loan.  I have the proof that this is wrong (60 months of ontime car payments).  I'm going to dispute this, but I'm afraid that Capital One and/or the CRA's will just delete the negative entry, and not report the 5 years of on time car payments.


I'm aware that companies aren't required to report to CRA's.  (Perhaps this isn't always a bad thing; I have several dept. store accounts, with a lot of available credit.  Even though I've used very little of, it  that amount of available credit might make potential creditors nervous.)  Obvious question: since Capital One does report to the CRA's, do I have any recourse if they just delete the negative account.  I suspect that, with 5 years of on time car payments, my credit score will experience a sizable jump.



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