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Pa Law on Wage Attachment for 2007 Debt

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I received notice from my employer that a credit card debt from 2007 that was placed with Midland Funding and then turned over to an attorney  has now placed a wage garnishment on me to collect 10% of my gross pay. I have never heard or received correspondence from either party as I had moved from the address they were sending letters to. 


First I thought the statute of limitations was 4 years in PA.  Second the balance is $1200... should I call and make a settlement with the attorney's office and if so for how much?  I just don't want them taking 10% of my pay which will start on 8/9 payday... HELP!!!!

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You need to get with your employer and a lawyer ASAP.  Pennsylvania does NOT allow wage garnishment for civil debts!  This is ILLEGAL in your state.


Judgments on debts are good for 5 years in PA with the ability to renew them for another five.  


I would find out what court the judgment was in and get copies of the entire file.  It is possible that they used sewer service and you can get the judgment vacated for improper service.  First thing though you need to get that illegal garnishment stopped.

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