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Moveamerica Collection Email - Scam?

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I received this email last night.  I did ship a partial truckload booked through Moveamerica around 2005 and as I recall paid in full a bill of less than $2,000.00.  The shipment was from Maine to Texas, I now live in Maryland, their address (website) is McLean, VA.


This smells very fishy, first contact in 8 years claiming a massively inflated amount.  I called the 210 number and reached an individual who was only interested in my information and refused his last name, and refused information on the corporate address of Moveamerica.


If these are an OC I understand FDCPA doesn't apply, but do the threats to damage credit by reporting lead to any FCRA recourse?


I have filed an online complaint with the VA Atty General office due to the Virginia address.  What else should I do?






Moveamerica Redacted.pdf

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The 210 number, and a 703 number are in the email.  I did leave a message on the answering device I got calling back on the 210 number, and received a call from a person named Lauren who says she's an account manager at Moveamerica, but she had me email the message I got to a totally different email domain - she said her email address on moveamerica.com is a "clearinghouse" so gets a lot of mail.  "Lauren" claims they did a system upgrade and notices went out in error...


The call from Lauren came from caller id of a Grad, H with a 209 area code.  Lauren claims Howard Grad is the CEO.  The 703 number in the email matches their website.  So I'm still not convinced I'm talking to actual Moveamerica people.

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