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Initial response?

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Hello everyone,

I am doing as much searching as I can, however I can't find the best answer. While filing my response online to being served by a JDB, I find the question.

"Use this space to explain why you believe the plaintiffs should not be entitled to judgment:" MAX 10 lines. The state is AZ. The JDB is claiming breach of contract. Would it be best to just deny their claim... or should I use as much of the space as possible citing previous cases?


Thank you all!

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This is the same lawsuit from your other 2 threads?





You should try and keep it to one thread per case, we can help you better if it's all in the same thread and we can get a snapshot of everything you're dealing with. Just bump it if you have a specific question that needs answering.


Sorry I don't have a response to your question above, I'm a rookie and don't know AZ law.

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