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Being sued by Midland Funding LLC in Missouri. HELP

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I received a letter from GAMACHE & MYERS on behalf of Midland Funding LLC.
about a week ago and i threw it away. I was going to just accept the default judgement.

However, finding this site has inspired me to fight back.


I have not yet been served but i do have a case number on the Missouri Case Net website so i know i am being sued for sure.

The court date is 11-24-2013 so i have a good amount of time to do things the right way and win.

What exactly should i do at this point ?

I do not know who the original creditor is and i do not know the amount for which i am being sued.

Should i send a debt validation letter to Midland ?

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No do not send a debt validation letter its to late for that your being sued.

Go to the court house and get a copy of the plaintiffs petition or complaint.

Then when you get back post up the complaint leaving out any personal information.

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