OC - not reporting to bureaus

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I have two OC's that's not reporting to the bureaus

I'm in the process of working on my credit and this is vital to me.


I contacted HSBC about this last year they sent me a letter stating that they were reporting to the bureaus....that my account was closed and in good standing - this account is active and I pay on it monthly.


Should I send them a verification of validation letter, can I get them to retro the points on my credit report, and is this a violation?


The other is Home Depot,  I'm an authorized user, not sure of what's going on with this one... 


Any suggestions on the above?

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@BugAboo7 - you can't force an OC to report to the credit bureaus, it is purely voluntary.  If you send proof of the account to the credit bureaus they will do nothing, I'm sorry.  


As far as authorized user, the bureaus are not supposed to report these accounts, so no luck there.  Sorry.  

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