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Are Complaints and Cross Complaints heard in the same trial?

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the procedure to be followed in such a situation has been succinctly 
describe by the Supreme Court thus: 


"We think that the fair procedure to adopt in a matter like the present where there are 
cross cases, is to direct that the same learned Judge must try both cross cases one 
after the other. After the recording of evidence in one case is completed, he must 
hear the arguments but he must reserve the judgment. Thereafter he must proceed 
to hear the cross case and after recording all the evidence he must hear the 
arguments but reserve the judgment in that case. The same learned Judge must 
thereafter dispose of the matters by two separate judgments. In deciding each of the 
cases, he can rely only on the evidence recorded in that particular case. The 
evidence recorded in the cross case cannot be looked into. Nor can the judge be 
influenced by whatever is argued in the cross case. Each case must be decided on 
the basis of the evidence which has been placed on record in that particular case 
without being influenced in any manner by the evidence or arguments urged in the 
cross case. But both the judgments must be pronounced by the same learned Judge 
one after the other5
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Thanks Racecar.  I've bookmarked a couple of those.


But overall I don't see that they apply to the original question of whether complaints and cross complaints are, and/or are always, heard together in the same trial.  At the moment I think they are always heard together in the same trial because I've never seen anything implying or stating otherwise. 



Another question I had morphed into this same thing: On This Thread

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