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being sued for medical bills

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hey there guys, this website has been of great help to me, now my mother needs our help, 


just yesterday she was served by the sheriff , it appears a local atty here in texas has been asked by the local hospital to collect a debt.  basically they are giving her 10 days to pay the debt or else she has to show up to court the monday after the expiration date.  its about 1200.00 thats they want.  she has about 600 of it, is there any way to delay this by disputing it?  because at the very back of the letter its about 15 pages long, it says the typical unless you dispute it and notify us immediately, mumbo jumbo, 


they are showing some very fishy payment history, some are like 17.50, 3.00,6.00, 7.00, 10,00, im not sure if they are trying to say that she made payments, so that the SOL doesnt expire.  how should we approach this situation?  please advise so i can help her try to avoid ruining her good credit, shes about  780, i would hate for this to destroy her.  please advise.

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