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possible technicallity?

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im trying to get rid of an old debt on my report with a power utility.


if theres a building, divided into three apartments (in the lease, my legal address at the time) where two downstairs units are labeled apt#A and apt#B, and the upstairs unit is labeled apt#C and to provide service to apt#C the power company, for whatever reason (on the bills and everything)

insisted it be refered to as apt#3up would that possibly (if it comes down to it) be grounds to have it thrown off of my reports?


something like-

     them--->did you have service at 123 road apt#3up?


     them--->our records show you did.

     me----->that address doesn't exist.

     them--->post office--->that address doesn't exist.

     them--->well have you ever lived at a simmilar address?

     me-----> xheadscratchx  :dunno2:

     them--> :<img src=:'>----> xhitwallx

     me----> 8-):moon:


i figure its unlikely, just wondering if it could be an option if it came down to it.

-my transunion report lists under past addresses two listings with the same street address,

one saying apt.#C and one saying apt.#3up

apt.#C is valid, apt.#3up was only ever used (as far as i know) by the power company.

bills from them did get delivered


I intend to attempt a pfd letter first, offering the full amount. (thats in the first thread i started here)

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Did you EVER get mail with the "3up" address on the envelopes? Will they have returned mail from you with "3up" as the address and where you wrote return to sender, address unknown?

I haven't seen your other posts, so I won't ask or respond to anything more about your situation in this thread.

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The bills were made out to apt#3up, with the proper street address, town and zip and they were delivered every month.

Maybe i should contact Transunion first and have it removed, since they list the same address for me with apt#C they should be able to see it's an error then maybe i'll get to do like the emoticons above.

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