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I Need Advice on 2 Medical Collections


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I currently have 2 medical collections that I woudl like some advice on:


1) CMRE Financial Services

    Collection amount: $500

    past due as of Jan 2012


2) Tec Co Systems Inc

    Collection amount: $40

    past due as of May 2013


I am not trying to squirrel out of paying these bills, the first one went to colelction while I disputed with my health insurance provider their denial of a claim and the second I was not even aware of. Any advice on what the fastest/most effective method of getting these of my credit reports is? I am not opposed to paying them but I need to make sure they come off my reports.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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But is there anything that can be done once it is put on there?

The best thing to do is to try and pay the original creditor.  If you pay them, they should recall the collection and that should remove it from your credit report.  If the collection agency doesn't remove the collection after you pay the original creditor, you could possibly have them on FDCPA violations.  Of course, this is something that would have to be decided in court.  

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