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Does the cease comm. sent to a CA, apply to the OC?

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Hey everybody!

I recently sent a cease communication letter (which also included a refusal to pay just to be clear) to the OC's current collection agency [at the time]. A week later I received another letter from the CA asking to settle, but a call to the CA resulted in finding out that they returned the account to the OC. The postmark indicated that the letter was sent the same day that they signed for my cease communication letter. Anybody could see that it was an accident, and I took it as such.


Fast forward a month later and I receive two envelopes from Citibank, which were different sizes. I found this interesting. Anyway they sent about 9 months worth of statements, two pages each. My question then is, does the cease communication letter sent to Citi's hired collection agency apply to Citi themselves?


Don't forget! I'm in Cali, where the OC can be hit with violations of the Rosenthal Act.

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