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account stated or other?

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I am being sued by a JDB. I simply cannot tell if it is for account stated or other.  I was hoping if I put more info here I could get some input?  The JDB did not attach any documentation to the complaint.


they state I entered into a credit card agreement on such-and-yay date.

they state I purchased goods with the line of credit

they state I defaulted under the agreement despite demands by oc

they state the oc charged off the balance

they state the oc sold the blance to the JDB

they state I owe the JDB


How do I determine this then?


Thanks so much

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thanks for both your answers!  

My knee jerk reaction has passed now, and I believe I should deliver request for production of documents as they must prove a breach of contract. I would f/u with interrogs and admissions dependent upon what they do. Does that make sense? any ideas of best advice or strategy?

have a great night!

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