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Opposing MSJ California

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So after some research I'm starting to draft my opposition to msj and/or adjudication.  It seems to me that the best order for starting your opposition is with 1) your Objections to evidence,  2) response to Undisputed Material Facts, 3) Memorandum of Points and Authorities.  

So far I've found the format for objections to evidence.  My question is what objections to use.  So far the only thing I'm sure about is ccp 2015.5 for declarations.


Would I just do this?


                                       Objection to Affidavit of Somebody from Bank


Affidavit Text                                                                   Objections     

"I declare are under the penalty of perjury, under the     CCP 2015.5 

laws of the State of Indiana, that the foregoing is true     ( B) If executed at any place, within or without this state:
and correct."  Exhibit 101 pg3 line 15-16                         "I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury under the laws of
                                                                                         the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct":
                                                                                         _____________ _________
                                                                                         (Date) (Signature)


                                                                                        (Kulshrestha v. First Union Comm’l Corp. (2004) 33 Cal.4th 601, 612.)

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Yes I believe, Kulreshtha v. is good for the affidavit. I have never opposed an MSJ but others have here. I will however say that that is the best way to go But you must address all the allegations in the MSJ and submit a separate statement of disputed facts as well as a supporting declaration. I have none of those for California. but you must oppose everything. MSJ is inappropriate in collections cases.


other objections: hearsay of hearsay, lacks foundation, lacks personal knowledge.

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