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The inner workings of a JDB

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Hello Folks,


I am not sure if this is appropriate or if I am posting in the right place. I have received a ton of great information on this site and thought I would attempt to share a link to YouTube.


In my endless need to know everything I can about the people I am dealing with, I found this "person" on YouTube. He IS a debt buyer...and seller. He has 5 videos and all of them give a pretty good view of the inner workings of a junk debt buyer. I am not sure if I can post a link but I will give it a shot. If I cannot post a link, the YouTube user is DebtForSale.



. http://www.youtube.com/user/DebtForSale?feature=watch


I apologize if this is not appropriate or posted in the wrong place.





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I thought I would add this, it is Sunday morning and I am bored. I have only one other post on this forum and it is related to battle starting with Cavalry Portfolio Service, I thought the IRONY of this was nothing short of amazing.


My previous business, before I closed it, was working with people on the East End of Long Island. Most of them made 6 figure incomes, many were far more wealthy. In my years out there, I have had a chance to work in THIS HOUSE!!!



Now you may be stuck looking at the hideous pictures of the homes interior....but you must read the article. I think it is irony at its best that I worked in that house.


And then there is this article. I will not post anymore that is in this article for fear of...well, you know. Read the article......




And finally, since I think every story has to have a great ending, I think everyone needs to read this article, FIRST PARAGRAPH.

Over the years out on the East End, I have met philanthropists and I have met fakers. I will yet you decide.



As usual, if the members of this forum find this kind of stuff inappropriate, I have no issue with removing it or having it deleted.


I think it is OK to know who and what you are dealing with while fighting cases.



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