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Keeping your CR healthy once fixed is essential

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Just thought I'd pop on in to  see what everyone is up to...and to sorta take a moment and breathe.  It's been years since I've actively done credit repair...and just the other day I got the ScoreWatch alert that my EQ FICO went up to 802 :)



Haven't done active credit management in awhile, really. Just been following the sage advice on Willingtocope's sig like:  Manage your debt, not your credit score.  How true that is. 


For those who are wondering, I only have three major credit cards and one store cacrd (Macy's):


US Bank: 8500

BofA:  10K

AMEX - 14K - Joint with Squeaker


BofA started out, waaaay back when, as a 99/500 partial secured card.  Years of good credit habits now make that 10K.

USBank also started out as a secured, years ago.










Actually, I lied above.  I just hit the "love button" on BofA couple days ago and my 10K limit turned into 15K  :yahoo:










The moment I realized that combined, my wife and I could buy a new Lexus SUV on only our credit cards was staggering. 


That's a REALLY BIG hole that we could potentially get ourselves into if not for the years of responsible credit management that we (who am I kidding...not we...I ) have learned to do.  Squeaker was blessed with parents who taught her at a young age about responsible credit and debt management...I was not.  So I've done things the hard way.  And yes, I've slipped back into old habits and behaviours before.  It's really something that I have to be completely aware and on top of with myself...else I know that I will slip.




I guess what I'm trying to say is this whole "good credit thing" doesn't end when you have a FICO score you're happy with.  It's a never ending process that must be lived...not a game that you can say "ok I'm done now".




Hope everyone out in CIC-land is doing well

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Although you can buy a lexus with your credit cards exclusively, I could buy a lexus with the value of all the suits that I've beaten back thanks to the knowledge of this site. I could also buy a pinto or Hugo with the money Ive made in FDCPA claims.

@gwheelock915 - Have you posted in the "Hall of Fame lawsuit winners" thread?


@Amerikaner83 - good to see you around!  :) 

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