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Is TD/Target trying to re-age this account


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I have been going back and forth with Target/TD almost 9 months now about an account that isn't even mine to begin with.  I'm hoping that there latest snafu with my credit reports is enough to get rid of them once and for all. 


I got an alert that something had been added to my Experian credit file so I pulled my report and they are now listing the date of last activity as July 2013.  The account was supposedly charged off in September 2009, though Transunion actually lists the account as settled in September 2009.  Both Equifax and Transunion list date of last activity as March of 2009 (I pulled new ones too, just in case) and my old Experian report also listed this date as date of last activity.  I have no way of knowing when the true date is as this isn't even my account.  Trying to get anywhere with Target is proving to be difficult.  I know I need to sue them, and I currently have a lawyer working on another case against BoA (another account that isn't mine) but I would prefer to deal with this one if I can. 



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