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Computer Scam - call from Mircosoft


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Recently have had unlisted calls from people claiming to be Microsoft technicians.  I am well aware what they are claim doesn't happen. Today had another call and I played along until they hung up.


"We are receiving an I.P. alert from your computer, we need to check it out".  I asked how they have my telephone number, they said your computer is registered to Microsoft.  He wanted me to look at my error messages of my computer, did a search for event viewer, saw a few error messages.  They wanted to me go to a website so they could log onto my computer to check it out my errors.......


Getting bored told him Microsoft does not call people to alert them with computer problems.  I then told him I have an A+ cert from Microsoft, and an IT Technician certification from CISCO. I asked him what was the I.P. Address he was claiming to have.  He said he had closed that screen and was no longer available. 


He said there were problems with my transmission control protocol.  I told him Windows 7 does not use TCP/IC to connect to the internet and asked how the weather was in India?  He promptly hung up.


It is truly amazing with lengths people go to scam people.......
















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Thanks for the info, 2ndTimeAround. I have received calls like that, too, and I think it's one very tricky scam. Had I not known about the scam prior to the calls, I might have fallen victim to it. The scammers were very deceiving. They had this professional tone to convince me they were legit representatives and they had information about me.


These culprits are very dangerous and I think it's about time the government start considering them criminals.

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