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Proof of Service HELP!

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What happens if items are mailed to the Plaintiff's attorney w/o a Proof of Service? 

Can a Proof of Service be done after the fact?

Everything has been file with the court and sent to the Plaintiff CMRR. Only one item had a Proof of Service attached (my answer to their ROGs). 

My husband mailed & submitted everything. 


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Yes you can file a proof of service after the fact.

Send one to the court and one to Plaintiff's counsel.


IME certified mail is overrated, and return receipt even more so.  It only proves something was delivered to someone but doesn't prove anyone received any specific thing. I served discovery requests on a plaintiff and they admitted receiving part of what I sent but denied receiving the most important part. What could I do? I can't force them to admit something like that and, in all reality, it's possible I didn't actually send it.


The only way to properly document something was delivered is to hand deliver it and make them sign an itemized receipt. Not worth the time for me unless the other side develops a habit for not receiving things.

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