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I need an address for NCS, anyone have one? Funny story

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so this guy calls my home phone saying xxxxx xxxxxx this is johnathon cole, I am a private investigator, and I need to speak with you.  I have some legal papers I nned to give you, if you do not call me back in 1 hour I will pursue you at work or at home to give you these papers, and you will be sued in a court of law."


So the person they are asking for is my cousin, and I have not seen him in 15 years.  He does not nor has he ever lived in Colorado.  so the guy gives the phone number for him to call, and a case reference number.


I call the number and ask the guy if I could please get a physical address or a po box address for their company.  He tells me no, they don't give out their address for safety reasons.  I tell him I need it to send him a cease and desist letter, and not to call my house.  Furthermore you have disclosed 3rd party information about a debt to me about my cousin, and have violated the FDCPA by doing so.  ROFLOL, the phone goes dead silent for about a minute.  I finally say uh hello?  He goes, well the reason they called you is because they are trying to locate him, and we are allowed to call family and friends.  I said yes you are allowed to call family and friends, but you are not allowed to tell them why.  You not only told me about a debt, you told me you were suing him, and that my friend is a big fat violation.  

I said If I wanted to spend the time and resources I could sue you even though I am not a party to your deal with my cousin.  


So he still wouldn't give me an address, and I told him, ok, I will get it one way or another.  and I will be sure and tell my cousin you are looking for him, and why--oh and I won't have a problem providing him with an affidavit stating what you disclosed to me and my answering machine, in fact I think I will tell him if he wants to file suit to let me know, so I can send him the recording  Phone goes silent again.  Then he says I can't do that.  I said watch me, and he hung up on me. :)  That was really fun messing with him.

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I had a gal calling my new cell phone a couple of years ago looking for someone. I kept telling them it was a new number, but, they just wouldn't listen. Finally told her it was a TCPA violation and I would sue. She immediately said she would post it on the file not to call me anymore.......they never did..LOL

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