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Emergency Rule I Can Use To Address the Court on a Stayed Case?


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I'm up against a JDB, who is using Rule60(6) to try to get our Stay Order changed to an undesirable arbitration forum.  The Stay has been in effect a few months...


I'm guessing Rule 7 isn't going to function for me right now...


Since the case is stayed, are there any other remedies available to me where I'm allowed to get the judge's attention during a Stay?   


Thank you   :-)






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If they've filed motion's to break the stay order and proceed, then a motion from you stating why the stay should not be lifted. Of course you'd need to try and cite precedent and the section's of your states Rules of Procedure supporting your case.


Sorry I'm not versed in your state Procedure's, and I'm sure some of the more experienced here will answer soon, but anytime you want to address the court in a proceeding, normally that is done thru a motion filed with the court clerk with a copy to the Plaintiff.


You can't just write them a note.


Also lookup Racecar's 20 questions and post them so everyone knows what's going on and has gone on prior to this, and keep everything in this thread and don't jump around in threads.....make's it too hard for any of us to follow!

Good luck

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