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Multiple Judgements

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I believe I read you can only have one judgement entered against at once for CC debts, is this true? In the midst of my midland court battle, I've recieve some contact for an Amex account (appears to still be owned by amex). I'm wondering if it would be wise to attempt to discourage them from pursueing (and hopefully sell off to a jdb) the account by informing them that I'm already currently in a lawsuit  (without admitting that i had the card or owe anything) ?



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I've never heard this. What I think you're talking about is that they can only attack your wages one at a time. So, say you have the following creditors with judgements:




I believe whoever gets the judgment first gets a priority on attacking your wages. Unless one of them is the IRS, they always get theirs first. So it would go Citi, then when they've been paid, Amex, etc. But, I do think they are all limited to a maximum of 25% of your wages.

If I totally misunderstood the question, please disregard.

It's doubtful the knowledge that you are in current litigation would do anything. I once had five suits at the same time. I honestly believe they assumed I would be so stressed out I'd cry uncle. I'm now only in a couple, the rest having been beaten back. I'm nothing if not tenacious.

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