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Kindle Fire - can read but cannot post

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@GDayMateAZ - I was wondering if you are still having issues with your Kindle Fire.  Reason I am asking is that we just did a software upgrade to the forum and I wondering if that was a 'bug' that got fixed.


Hi, @lionhunter,


It's still the same (cannot type in) on my Kindle Fire 2011 (not HD). :-(

But, thank you for asking. :-)

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Understandable.  There is an update available for the original Amazon Silk which might address your problem.  In Silk, is there a way to set "compatibility mode"?


Just illustrates once again that HTML ain't a standard...it a recommendation...and each browser publisher gets to intrepret it as they see fit.


I'm running IE 9, and if I let it, it reports java script errors all over the site.  Doesn't mean there  are errors or that the site has problems...it only means that IE 9 doesn't handle some code as the developers of IP Board expected.

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