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Fixing credit as best I can


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I have mediocre credit that I'm looking to repair to the best of my ability. I have 6 good things on my credit (student loans & a car which I have paid on time since day 1) and I have 4 actual(some bureaus report my one capital one card multiple times) on my credit report I'm trying to fix.


I currently owe Capital one ($500, CC limit was $200 rest is fee's/interest), HSBC ($500, limit was $300, rest is fee's/interest), T-Mobile ($700) and Verizon ($1700) those two are also elevated due to interest/fee's.


I'm currently a student and live off of only SSI and am looking to do whatever is best for my credit score.


If i view my credit report and look at my negative things I see the following.


Cap one (acct 5268XXXXXX...) - This was HSBC at first, must of been bought by Cap 1, account # is correct

- Closed $466 written off last reported 01/2013


Cap one (acct 51XXXXXXXX) 

- closed $436 written off last reported 08/2013 (date of status is 03/13) has been in CO since then


LVNV Funding (5268XXXXXXX) 

- owe $509 according to them, 


Midland Funding

- owe $714 been in CO since 07/2012


Verizon Wireless (guess still within their realm, not charged off)

- $1760 past due.




I would like to do whatever is best for my credit, however I don't quite know where to start. I was under the impression that original creditor is supposed to mark the balance as $0 once an account is charged off, however this is not the case with either Capital one mar on my credit.


I have not done anything currently, can anyone point me in the right direction of what the best possible outcome could be ? and a general idea of what steps I should take in order to resolve these mar's ? 

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Who were the original creditors on the LVNV and Midland accounts? Are they (the original creditors) on your credit report? If so, what is the balance they're reporting?


LVNV is the HSBC card which capital one bought out, Capital one is on my credit report and stopped reporting 01/2013. Last payment noted as CO in 01/2013. Capital one is reporting the credit limit and high balance, they also have monthly repayment on $0 at least on experian. (card 5268XXX)


On equifax the same HSBC card is reported 2 times over by capital one and once by LVNV. Capital one reports this card once with a balance of $0 saying its charged off, however says charge off amount is only $250. Then they report it a second time on equifax also saying charge off, but have the balance at $466, have a scheduled payment in there and have $15 past due ? Equifax is all screwed up, all the same account number however. LVNV also reports this on equifax. (card 5268XXX)




My other credit card I had with capital one themselves is reported on both as well, however there is not a collection agency reporting on it, so I wouldn't even know who to call to even bother paying it off, or if I even should at this point?

(card 5178XXX)



Midland is T-mobile, they are reporting on equifax and experian. T-mobile themselves the creditor is not reporting on any agency


Verizon is verizon, they are the original creditor, I'm not too sure what I should do with that either as they are the original creditor and it is not marked as charged off.

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