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Starting the process.


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So after being denied for a BoA secured credit card I figured it was time to start repairing my credit.


I've started my credit repair process and am looking for a little direction. I lost my job a few years ago and my credit went in the toilet. I was able to find work immediately after, but the hours and pay were reduced.  I'm finally in a position where I can start fixing things.


The first thing I did was order and triage hard copies of my credit reports.  I have 10-13 negatives on each. Some of those are late pays on student loans, 1 is 3 different late pay on a car loan I'm currently paying on.


The first thing I did was opt out and delete old addresses.  EQ and TU deleted no problem.  EX I was only able to get 1 old address deleted.


The next thing I did was was dispute all negatives as not mine.  I shook out 2 deletions from TU and EX on this and one deletion from EQ.  One of the collections was only verified on EQ, but deleted on TU and EX.


I have the following left and need some help with my plan of action.(please note that the amounts are changed and company names omitted for persec reasons):


1. A  repo from 2010 for 9 grand.  This was sold from the original lender to a new lender(not a CA) after the repo.  My plan is to send why chat's repo letter with this. I am also 75% sure I never got any of the required documentation in the mail. I've never heard anything from anyone about this, no calls, no letters, I checked the courts and no suit was filed.  Is it critical that I send a copy of the why chat letter to the dealer?  The dealer I bought the car from is out of business.


2. A personal loan.  It is for 2 grand.  It was secured with a car I owned outright.  They currently report the loan as having been unsecured, but that is not accurate. They repo'd the car when I defaulted. I had a CA send me a letter which I immediate DV'd, and haven't heard anything about it since.  This was 2 months ago. I never received any sale notices or anything.  Would I treat this the same as a normal repo?


3. A credit card charged off at 600 bucks in 2010. This is reporting as sold to porfolio recovery.  They've called multiple times, my phone and my mother in law's phone - but no messages. I got to answer one time and referred them to my attorney as I was instructed to do.  They haven't sent me anything in the mail yet and are not reporting.


4. A collection for a lease I had to break when I lost my job.  It is 2600 dollars.


5. A collection for some school debt.  This is for 2300 dollars.


6. A collection for a phone bill.  This was the one that was deleted off of TU and EX, but verified on EQ.


7. 4 separate student loan trade lines from the same company reporting 90 days late. This was due to me not getting the forbearance in time.


8. 2 separate student loan trade lines from the same company reporting 1 90 day late each. The late is from the same reason as above.


9. 3 30 day late payments on my current car loan.


I am also currently suing a collection agency for 3rd party disclosure, and violation of various state statutes. They are not currently reporting on my CR.


The statute of limitations in my state is 6 years.


My plan is to DV the remaining collections and then re-dispute as soon as the green card comes back. I'm going to use why chat's letter for the repo.  I was going to 623 the OC's, can I do the same 1-2 punch on these as I do the CA's?


I'm not too terribly certain I'm following the right path so any advice would be appreciated.



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I had no response after 14 days to why chat's repo letter.  I will be sending a followup dispute to the CRA's on friday.  I also got one green card back from my DV, and I just sent out my dispute to the CRA's.  Will continue to update.


Had my attorney send a DV/cease and desist letter to portfolio recovery, have not heard anything back from them.

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I got a response to one of my 623 letters(citifinancial) They are definitely not reporting correctly.  They claim to need more information.  I gave them the partial account number as reported on my CR, the amount they're reporting charged off, my name and address.


It would seem to me that this is enough to identify me, and it smells like a stall tactic.  What say you CIC?

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A DV letter took care of EOS/CCA. Received a letter stating they were closing the account and deleting the trade line. This was the collection for the phone bill.


Fair Collections and Outsourcing responded to my combined 623/dv by claiming they report accurately and supplying the documentation to back it up. It looks like I will need to settle this debt as its for a broken lease, and I won't be able to rent another place until its taken care of. I'll forward all the paperwork to my attorney for a once over to make sure he agrees its proper validation, and then I'll probably pay him to settle the debt. Everything I read says FCO is VERY nasty, so I think that is the best course of action.

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They're requestion my social security number, or a copy of my credit report. My equifax monitoring went nuts today with a bunch of changes to that trade line, so it would seem they found it.

@jaspa2000 - Citi doesn't need your credit report, they can pull that on their own.  Citi should also know your SSN.  

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So Experian pretty much told me to FOAD in response to my dispute on my first 1-2 punch attempt.


"If you question the results of our dispute process, then you may want to contact the furnisher of information directly or review the original information in the public record."


Ugh. I hope this is in response to my dispute of FCO, and not my repo.

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So a little update.


I received responses from the CRA's to my repo followup disputes.


Equifax - Deleted good.gif


TransUnion - Remains.  No other information than that.  Just investigation completed, entry remains.


Experian - Remains. Told me that the OC requested that I contact them.  I did, they never responded hence why I sent the dispute.


My question is what is my next step? Is it time for CFPB and AG complaints?


Also I never received any response from citifinancial(onemain) to my 623 letter.  My next step should be a followup letter, correct?  Or should I start complaining to the AG and CFPB?


Thanks for your help!

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Also: First source advantage deleted with a DV letter. =D


AFNI picked up the phone bill that EOS/CCA had. It was very quick.  I sent them a DV, and have had no response.


I also have a couple more CA's on FDCPA violations, my attorney will be handling them. 3rd party disclosure multiple times and violation of a C&D multiple times. 


Thats 3 CA's I'm suing.  I'm not sure if I should say anything specific about it yet, however I will definitely update the progress of those suits in this thread.


Suit 1 filed, suit 2 and 3 are having complaints drawn up.

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