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Being Sued by Cap One/Need Help!

Guest help4mydebts

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Guest help4mydebts

Hi! I am in AZ and this is my first time posting. 


I received a Summons from Gurstel Chargo on behalf of Cap One.  It was originally filed at the wrong venue and before I could be served, the atty realized it and had it moved to the correct venue.  I was served about two weeks ago and the Summons has all the incorrect info in it from when they filed it at the wrong place, however, the last two pages state that it was ordered by the court to be moved and extra time was given to serve and then the new venue would assign a new case #.  The summons contains the old case # info and nowhere in there does it state the new info.  This debt is for under $3k. 


I cannot file bankruptcy for another 7 months (long story) so a bankruptcy attorney told me that my best best would be to try to get on a payment arrangement to prevent the creditor from going after my bank account, etc.  I emailed the atty but they did not respond, so I called them.  They are willing to let me do a payment agreement but want me to sign a stipulated judgement, which they are writing up and I have not received yet. 


Should I sign this or not and what do I respond with as my "answer" to protect myself, since I have not received or read the docs yet??  Like I said in my first paragraph, the Summons they provided me with does contain incorrect information that I disagree with, so how can I use this to protect myself when filling out the "answer"?  Thanks in advance!

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