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Quick Reference list??

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Maybe this is already in another part of the larger forum but in the time I have been on this forum I have often had to stop and try to figure out what a lot of different things are just to understand individual posts...


For example abbreviations (CR, DV, JDB), general definitions of what exactly things are and other basics that are immensely helpful.


So, I think a pinned post for reference would be of great value to newcomers and hopefully save a lot of time and irritation for veterans.  I can certainly try to take on this task, but I'm afraid I'm simply not qualified or active enough on the boards to do so.  However, I will make a few quick suggestions and propose a general layout.


I. Abbreviations


CR - Credit Report

DV - Debt Validation

JDB - Junk Debt Buyer

SOL - Statute of Limitations


II. General Terminology and Definitions


Debt Validation Letter - A letter sent to a JDB to..... allowing X days..... 



Cease and Desist Letter - .....




III. Important Things to always Remember


Save everything

Always send certified mail



IV. Important Links

XX state financial code

XX state court procedures



I think my general ignorance on the topic limits me much more than this at the moment.  

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