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Disputing with the CRAs and SOL


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If you get your credit reports and want to dispute an account that is beyond statute of limitations

can't the OC/JDB claim you just admitted to it being your account and start the clock all over again?


Also, the 7 1/2 years that it can be reported on your credit report starts from what date?



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Thank you for this but this is not what I am asking.


I have certain accounts that are definitely past my states SOL that are posted on

my credit reports.


These accounts have errors and I want to dispute the errorsas they are reported.


If I do dispute these errors I want to make certain that this will not magically

re start the SOL count.


My state says a partial payment will re start it, and some case law has

suggested that admitting the account is yours will restart it.


So what I am asking is, does disputing an account with a CRA in fact

make it as though you are admitting the account.


The 2nd question.


The credit reports keep your infomation for 7 1/2 years reporting and then

it supposedly falls off your reports.


Does the count down on this 7 1/2 years start with first delinquency... Last payment....

Or charge off?

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