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question on typo on discovery request i sent to JDB


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despite careful review, i boned it. Top of pleading has the correct names for the JDB plaintiff and myself as defendant, court and case number are correct, right below that, i list myself as the propounding party and *a different* JDB as defendant (was copying an pasting from another case)


do i need to send an amended discovery request or do i just go with it.


i know these guys make mistakes like that all the time and it never seems to be a big deal



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They may not even notice.

Way back when I was being sued by midland I knew nothing at all.

But I could copy and paste.

I could hardly wait for brjmhome6 to get home and work on his case.

I used everything he did even with his MO case law.(Im in a different state)

I sent his discovery under his states rules and headings and they answered.

Somehow midland could not prove their case against me. (Example of a copy and paste win) :ROFLMAO2:

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